Why blog?

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Why blog?

For a business, the answer is simple: a blog is a means of improving online visibility, turning reader traffic into promoters or customers. Blogging can increase online exposure in much the same way that social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter do. At its core, business blogging supports growth in three important ways.

First, blogs drive web traffic. Potential readers rarely visit a company’s website directly, often using a search engine to narrow a broad idea instead. Blog posts provide greater opportunity for the website to rank in search engine results, and to be visited by potential readers, by increasing the number of indexed pages and business-related keywords on a company’s site. Blog posts can also be shared through social media, generating still more traffic.

Second, blogging establishes a business as an authority in their field. Consistent content, with the potential to address customer questions or concerns before they arise, promotes productive communication and boosts confidence. Blogging also provides an outlet for both the business itself and its customers to explore and better understand a company’s persona.

Finally, blogging offers long-term results. The traffic and lead generation that occurs from blog posting does not result solely from current content. Because blogs acts as repositories for company and social media content, older posts continue to influence search engine results over long periods. In fact, older posts can have a compounding effect, generating reader traffic and client leads for weeks, months, and even years after initially published.

Business blogging is an important channel for increasing a company’s online presence. An integral part of a larger whole, a blog is a useful tool for the promotion of meaningful, lasting success.

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