Measurable Marketing

Our marketing services can turn your dreams into reality that can be quantified and replicated.

Consumer marketing

We reach and engage your target market through effective, integrated communications, marketing plan development and implementation.

  • • Media relations
  • • Product and services launches
  • • Events and experimental marketing
  • • Cause marketing efforts

More than ever, brands need to create authentic and meaningful relationships with consumers. At DES, we’re committed to understanding your brand, your target audiences and your business goals. It is our job to develop and execute the most effective and creative methods to engage your consumers. We pride ourselves on following and implementing relevant trends that will shape your industry and engage your customers allowing us to deliver proven results.

Digital Engagement

We help our clients navigate the ever-evolving world of interactive media and social networks in order to maximize return on their investment

  • • Creative content
  • • Video production and editing
  • • Search engine optimization

At DES we pride ourselves on being digital strategists, storytellers, content developers and managers. It’s no secret that digital media is integrated into our lives at an ever-increasing rate. Our team will work with you to identify how your brand is effectively managing online experiences to engage customers and create conversations.

Communication strategies, research and development

We develop strategies designed to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

  • • Action plans designed to measure success

Effective programs start with research and development as well as a comprehensive understanding into of your brand, key audiences and competitors. Once achieved, we will develop a communication program designed to activate your consumer and make the biggest impact.

Social media marketing

Tracking what the media and the general public say about your company across all platforms is a critical 24x7x365 job.

  • • Social media campaigns
  • • Monitoring and analysis

As a DES client, you gain access to a team that will deliver online campaigns designed to reach your target audience. Our social and media monitoring is designed to track and analyze trends, news and conversations that impact your brand.

We realize that your clientele have come to expect fresh, real-time content putting a tremendous amount of pressure on a social media manager. The DES team monitors traditional and social media, delivers real-time updates and follow-up reports that recap how coverage unfolded. We track traditional social and media hits and customize reports to show your target market growth. We also track online chatter, from blogs and forums to chat rooms and websites.

It is our belief that creating a strategic content plan allows our clients to meet their promotional campaign and communication goals.