Re-brand, regrowth and refresh

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Re-brand, regrowth and refresh

Fixity is an illusion in our world. Things are always changing, always shifting. To succeed, we have to be prepared to change too.

Nowhere is the need to embrace change more true than in the world of marketing. The market changes, organizations change, clients change. To remain successful in that ever-evolving environment, it is important for organizations to carefully consider their own brands, and to be prepared to adapt. Re-branding can be an important step toward creating an image that best reflects market position, and most importantly, effectively communicates with customers.

The decision to re-brand should not be taken lightly, nor is the process an easy one. However, refreshing how your organization is perceived is well worth the investment. There are a number of questions to consider before re-branding:

  • How is the organization perceived – by clients, by customers, even by the competition?
  • What is the difference between that perception and the reality of our brand?
  • How can we promote the positive impressions and transform the negative ones?

Sometimes brand perceptions can be solved with a “quick fix”, often through SEO, social media, and blogging. But even though those methods should be constantly updated and evolving, they are not a guarantee that marketplace perception of your brand will change.

For a more fundamental alteration of your organization’s image, undergo a re-brand – positively positioning your company within the industry.

Re-branding is a complex, time-consuming process, but the approach can be simplified by considering that it involves analytical and aesthetic elements – method and craft. Both elements require careful consideration, but recognizing their inter-connectedness can create a brand that customers and businesses will connect with for years to come.


When considering the analytical elements of a re-brand (the method), think about products, market position, and customers. Be sure to consider not just where your organization is, but where it’s going.

  • Do you need to add clarity to your company’s message?
  • What value do your products bring to customers?
  • What is your company’s market position within your industry?
  • Do your logos, color scheme, and branding reflect the vision of your company’s future?

When you’ve carefully considered the method of your re-brand, it’s time to think about crafting your new image. Visual impact is an incredibly important aspect of the perception of your brand, and there are some key elements to consider.

  • Typography – not just what your brand is saying, but how it’s saying it – the right font can make or break a brand
  • Color scheme – do your colors reflect your company? What impact do they have on your customer?
  • Icons – does your organization use an icon? A symbol can become synonymous with your brand and elicit specific feelings from your clientele

Re-branding is not a fix-all. It is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires a great deal of thought and work. Done right, a re-brand can completely refresh a company, however, causing growth and promoting a positive perception within the marketplace. Customer perception is paramount for any business – appropriate branding will build consistency and customer trust.

Through constant market assessment, the DES team is acutely aware of the adaptation and evolution required to maintain positive, relevant brand perception. We are uniquely poised to aid any organization, large or small, in insuring that their brand reflects not only a successful present, but also a prosperous future.

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