New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions

Short, gray days and cold temperatures characterize the coming of a new year in much of the world.

And while winter is often a period of quiet contemplation, the promise of turning the calendar page, of beginnings, tempers a sometimes-gloomy season. Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves at the beginning of a new year – our collective intention to improve ourselves. It is with that resolve in mind that we share our personal and professional aspirations for change in 2018.


  • Personal: Patience: they say patience is a virtue (beneficial power or quality) so… my 2018 goal is to have more patience with my family, my friends, my colleagues and myself.
  • Professional: Continuing Education: classes, workshops, roundtable discussions, etc. Never Stop Learning!


  • Personal: To be more consistent – in parenting, exercise, self-care and dog walking/training!
  • Professional: To learn how to utilize SalesForce – after attending DreamForce I am really excited about the possibilities for how it can improve efficiency for our team. 


  • Personal: Compete in an Olympic length Triathlon.
  • Professional: Continue to grow and learn in web development and strive to refine my communication and work processes. 


  • Personal: Get back into rock climbing; spend more time outdoors; workout more; go fly fishing more than 2017, exploring new areas.
  • Professional: Strive to learn something new everyday; continue to develop my skills within Photoshop/Illustrator/inDesign/Lightroom; enhance my photography/videography abilities.


  • Personal: Ride my bike up Pikes Peak; finish my screenplay; read 40 books.
  • Professional: Improve my understanding/use of work-centric technology; streamline, organize, prioritize my tasks; know when to turn the work brain off.

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