Marketing videos to promote your business

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Marketing videos to promote your business

Using a marketing video to promote your business is a no-brainer. Visual media is far more consumable (and far more shareable) than print, and a marketing video explaining or demonstrating your brand is a way to communicate a core message that can reach a large audience.

It’s likely, however, that your firm might not have the resources to create a professional clip in-house, or have the time or inclination to learn the ins and outs of video editing. With the ever-burgeoning realm of technology however, there’s no need to fear. It’s possible for you to create a compelling, informative marketing video without having much experience and without paying an arm and a leg to a production company. Here’s how


one – 

Recognize that the biggest challenge in creating a marketing video is standing out from the competition. Chances are, what you’re trying to communicate has been said before – focus on what sets you apart. Discovering what makes your firm different, and then communicating that in your video, will make all the difference. Visual content is much more digestible than other media for the average person. In communicating with your audience, your video will be vastly improved by demonstrating personality in a way that is relatable and memorable – one of the easiest ways to do this is with humor. If your audience likes your video, they like you. If they like you, they become customers – even better, they tell other people to watch your video too!


Be aware of your team’s skills, and use them appropriately: put the most charismatic person in front of the camera.

Practice! Use multiple takes, and practice editing (splitting and trimming takes) until your transitions look natural.

Give your audience a look behind the scenes at your organization – the audience loves the intimacy, and it makes your product relatable.

two –

Explain everything – look at your product as if you know nothing about it. Explain to your audience what it does, and more importantly, what problem it solves. Be sure to communicate to your audience that your organization’s product offers some kind of help.

Tell yourself and your team the story of what your product does – then tell that story to the camera for your audience!


Repeat your explanation to reinforce the message; give the viewer an opportunity to experience the importance of the help your product provides – show the product in action. Don’t be afraid to err on the side of over-explaining.

three –

Implement the importance of added value (beyond the scope of your product). There are millions of videos out there, and your audience has plenty of choices when it comes to things to watch. Does your video have value? Does it offer a discount or a free trial? Does it tell a great story? Does it make your audience laugh? Is it something they want to share?


Most of the content sharing online is done in an effort to gain social credibility – be sure your marketing video is one that not only allows that kind of credibility building, but that demands it!

Present the helpful or problem-solving aspect of your product as something revolutionary, and if at all possible, be humorous. Humor in media speaks to multiple demographics and acts as a formidable channel of communication.

Finally, make the tangible reward from watching your video (the discount or free trial) easily accessible – a clickable link is best, but absolutely don’t send your viewer clicking through multiple pages or onto a separate website!

four –

Employ some narrative in your piece – tell a story! The simplest and probably best way to look at this is through the traditional narrative arc: introduction (this is my product), conflict (here it is compared to other products), climax (here’s why my product is better), and resolution (buy my product).

The best media employing this simple framework has a story that goes somewhere. If you’re able to tell your story in a single video do so, but it might be beneficial to consider a series as well. Building suspense could create a large audience – but it’s important to create media that viewers will want to keep watching.


Remember that marketing videos aren’t all visuals! You’ll need great ideas as well as a good script to make this work. Writing can make or break an effective video.

Determine whether or not your product is appropriate for instructional videos, or a series of another kind. Keeping the viewer engaged over an extended period can increase audience, awareness, and ultimately the number of customers.

Finally, incorporate a call to action in your video – give the viewer the opportunity to subscribe to your media or become a customer of your organization with every video – leave them with something concrete to do!

five –

The final step is the most obvious: promote like crazy!


Create a great title for your marketing video. Employ appropriate keywords and even consider using hashtags to insure that your piece is getting the exposure it should, and that your content is easily shareable. Like it or not, viewers are judging your book by its cover.

Speaking of the cover, selecting a compelling thumbnail for your video is important, especially since the image will be a determining factor in whether or not potential audience members view your media.

Spread the love – don’t limit your marketing video to a single media-sharing platform. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo – don’t exclude audience members anywhere.

Finally, don’t put a bad video out there. You don’t have to be a production professional to create a high-quality video these days. Learn how to edit, finish, and export in HD – these steps aren’t difficult, but they’re crucial in creating a professional piece of media.

Following these few steps will set your organization on the path toward increased exposure through the use of a marketing video. Exploring the narrative of your brand through infinitely consumable and sharable visual media can be an incredible return on investment – get in front of (or behind) the lens and tell that story today!


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