Increasing engagement with video

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Increasing engagement with video

TedA year ago Ted Vanderveen joined the DES Marketing team as our Digital & Video Guru. I can’t tell you how excited we are to add video marketing to our scope of services.

Since adding video to our scope of services we have…

  • incorporated video into a number of different customer touch points to increase engagement
  • included video in our eNewsletter campaigns which have increased our open rate and increased click-through rates
  • created videos for campaign use and edited the video for use in multiple projects
  • incorporated video in banner ads, embedded in blog posts, website use and social media campaigns

Video is the latest trend in lead generation technique and recent research from the Aberdeen Group has found that companies using video require 37% fewer visitors to achieve the same result as those brands not using video. The average website conversation rate experienced by brands using video is 4.8% — much higher than the 2.9% conversation rate achieved by brands not using video.

Video is useful for increasing brand awareness due to the fact that video gets people talking and sharing your content but it’s a significant tool for lead generation. The big question however is… how do you integrate video into your lead generation plan? Remember, if you aren’t capturing your audience’s information, you have no way of following up with your viewers and converting them into customers.

Currently, the majority of our video content is targeted to the sports enthusiast and serves as a promotional tool with a CTA at the end. These videos are produced strictly for brand awareness, content marketing with a CTA tag.

Next up…we will be working with Ted to capture new fans and followers via video lead generation. The tough hurdle to overcome however is how do you ask someone to become a lead? It’s a bit uncomfortable to ask an individual to give you something personal and private, their contact information, in return for your content. It’s all about determining the content that offers value in return for contact information?  In the sports marketing arena that can be an ebook download for a product demo, safety training, how to, etc.

While calls-to-action (CTAs) are a fantastic way to generate leads on your video, integrating email gates is also imperative. The gates don’t appear at the beginning of the video; they are more likely to come up during playback, or at the end of the video. The secret however is to make sure that the video is more of a teaser video that ends in a CTA for a guide download.

So a bit of a delayed welcome to Ted Vanderveen…love having you on the team.

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