Ideas to Develop your Blog

Posted by on Nov 15, 2018 in Blog

Ideas to Develop your Blog

As a marketing and promotional agency, we know that one of the best inbound marketing tools for promoting our agency is our blog yet….it’s one of the first tasks to be pushed back because we are busy being busy if you know what I’m saying.

So to inspire this week’s blog I thought I’d remind myself how fun blogging really is and toss out my top 10 content ideas you can use for your next blog!

Be Trendy

  1.  Seasonal – with the holidays right around the corner, follow relevant marketing groups on LinkedIn and write blog posts based on “seasonal” questions.
  2.  Talk about the latest social media trends.
  3.  Write about fun ways to incorporate a Meet the Team page on your website.  This may include taking fun photographs, video and bio information. Be trendy!
  4.  Write a blog post and give advise when there’s a major product update from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.


Do a Pulse Check on Major Brands

  1.  As we round out 2018, now is a great time to gather information of the best marketing campaigns of the year for major brands and share what you learned.
  2.  Ask your readers to weigh in on a large brand’s popular marketing campaign and offer your agency’s opinion on what worked and what didn’t.


Tackle Marketing Topics

  1.  Post about how to build a new brand and grow brand loyalty and recognition in a simple to understand step-by-step manner.
  2.  Compile a list of the best marketing blogs to subscribe to and why.
  3.  Have each of your team members weigh in on the best relevant YouTube channels to follow.
  4.  As we move into the holiday season – give your readers 10 ways to improve their marketing and branding efforts in 2019.

Remember – posting just once a week can make a huge difference in the amount of website traffic and lead generation you receive.

Happy Blogging!

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