Hello, Summer!

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Hello, Summer!

Sunshine. Long days. Warm nights. That’s right, it’s summer time.

Even though the work clock seems to never stop ticking, at DES we’re still finding ways to make the most of the summer months. Asked about their plans for the sunny season, the team had a variety of exciting items on the calendar.


No big summer plans for me. I’ll be working most of the summer – but that doesn’t mean I wont get out locally and have some fun. I’ll probably take some little “glamping” trips (Summer camping with amenities – basically car camping), and hitting up some nearby fisheries.

I’ll also probably explore more urban fishing, chasing big carp this summer. At the beginning of fall after the RugbyTown 7s tournament, my wife and I will be flying to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I’m excited to be going ocean snorkeling for the first time, to hopefully fly in my first helicopter, and I’m super stoked to hopefully land my first bonefish!


We are very lucky in my family to own a house on Lake Okoboji in Iowa! Ancestors of mine have been vacationing up there for close to a century and have owned property for around 60 years. It is what we call our happiest place on earth. Growing up with water sports, we love skiing (trick skiing, slaloming, and doubles), paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, sailing, general boating, and of course rides on our wave runners. This is coupled with relaxation, family games and a sense of home away from home. For the most part, we have been lucky to enjoy our Okoboji time together with my siblings, significant others, and parents as all of us kids are now adults.

The most exciting development this summer is the arrival Baby Boy Anneberg, due to arrive around May 30th. My wife and I have had almost 14 years together, having met her freshman and my sophomore year in college, and almost two years of marriage. We are ready to welcome our child to the world now and hope to share Okoboji with him at the end of summer. The next generation will start to love laking now too!


Summer = Exploring Montreal, Quebec, Canada! We are going to be visiting Montreal over the 4th of July, even though they don’t celebrate that particular holiday in Montreal!

We will be staying in Old Montreal, which is the older area of the city with a few remains dating back to New France. I can’t wait to walk along the cobblestoned streets of Vieux-Montreal (Old Montreal), where 18th and 19th century residences sit alongside some of the city’s most fascinating sites like the grand Bonsecours Market. I’m really excited to visit the gothic Notre-Dame Basilica and see their light and sound show that recounts a history of Old Montreal and the church.  Other sites we are planning to visit include the Montreal Botanical Garden and the Old Port of Montreal located along the St-Lawrence River, the former post of French fur traders in the 1600’s. In addition to all of these historical sites, we will definitely be enjoying some fine French Wine and Cuisine as well as doing our fair share of shopping!


Emily and I are traveling to Italy in June, a trip we’re both very much looking forward to. After spending all of last year in the States while finishing grad school, I’m excited to be heading overseas again this summer. My undergrad work was in history, so I’m really looking forward to spending the first few days of our trip in Rome. I know we won’t come close to seeing everything, but as historical cities go, it’s tough to top.

After a couple of days in the capital, we’re headed to a small town in northwestern Italy called Pontremoli. A colleague of Emily’s owns a home there that they rent to guests, so we’ll be spending several nights exploring Tuscany – and enjoying all that Italian cuisine has to offer. I can’t wait to kick back under the Tuscan sun, turn off my cell phone, catch up on some reading, and enjoy some simple relaxation! On our way back to Denver we’ve got 24 hours in New York, where we’ll be staying at the Algonquin Hotel in midtown Manhattan. I’m looking forward to the bonus destination and spending a night in the historic hotel – which is famous for hosting literary notables.


Most of my family’s summer travels will revolve around baseball tournaments for my son: one weekend in Breckenridge, a few days in Omaha, Nebraska and another in Ft. Collins (which I will force my middle daughter to attend as well). I’m hoping to get down to Arizona to see my best friend at some point for a few days, but my oldest daughter is actually the one with the best travel plans – a two week trip to Australia for her college graduation! Aside from that, I’ll likely be “traveling” to my backyard to enjoy my garden.

Ah…the summer travel plans of a single mom!

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