Glendale 180

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Clients

Glendale 180


Located five miles southeast of downtown Denver and under a mile from the Cherry Creek Shopping District, Glendale 180 simultaneously marks a bold investment in the future and a revitalization of a Glendale that, for now, lives only in photographs and memories. Area residents can recall spending Saturdays at the Disney-backed Celebrity Sports Center, waiting in line to watch the original Star Wars on the Cooper Theater’s curved screen, or dancing all night at The Lift. While Glendale has seen an economic resurgence in the last decade, the buzzing social scene of the past has been missing from this region. Glendale 180 returns to fill that gap.

Glendale 180 is a nexus of entertainment and relaxation. It’s the home base for all types of people and occasions. It’s the go-to place for coffee and breakfast in the morning; a serene setting for a mid-morning walk or jog amid Colorado wildflowers; and, located just off Cherry Creek, the perfect waypoint to grab a snack on a sunny, weekend bike ride. In the evening, with the orange hues of a Rocky Mountain sunset as its backdrop, the central park will swell with thousands of people on their way to one of the area’s best restaurants, liveliest taverns, or newest entertainment concept.

“This is a return to Glendale’s roots,” said Mary Beth Jenkins, president of The Laramie Company, which is coordinating leasing of Glendale 180. Serving as a bridge to the future while also channeling the best of Glendale’s past, it’s not simply a collection of businesses surrounded by a sea of asphalt. Glendale 180 is an extraordinary marriage of the beauty of Cherry Creek and the most densely populated city in the state. And it can only happen in Glendale – a place like no other.


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