Design. What. In an eggshell.

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Design. What. In an eggshell.

Design demands creation with intention that manifests in both form and function. This is an evolving process, rather than a destination, that first requires an objective.

Successful design starts in a discovery stage where all of the necessary questions come to light. This can be broken down into simple questions and simple answers or follow a complicated journey to an “ah ha” moment or epiphany. In either case, the who, what, where, why and how must be formalized. These answers are paramount, but are frequently overlooked. Without qualifying the deliverables, design serves no purpose.

The purpose can mean an experience in an instant with static or motion graphics, or over time with books, magazines, museum displays, architecture or environments, etc. Time and experience are like vector graphics in design, whereby the scale at which the interaction happens can cover a lifetime. That’s big. Hopefully with pristine quality.

With purpose on hand, the creation process comes next with pencil and paper for the canvas of possibilities. At this stage, design benefits most when not limited by technical capabilities or software, but with ideas that promote the intention. The technical side can always be worked through, but the design thinking is where the money lies and the form is born.

Typically defined in the discovery stage, design receives full realization in it’s delivery or function. This is where interaction happens and the viewer or experiencer affects the design. This is the continuum.

With the defined process of discover, creation and deliver, understanding the stages only helps to promote successful designs and solutions. This was an eggshell look. However, it leaves me wondering about which is the purpose, the chicken or the egg.

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