Powerful ideas: Targeted solutions

We help businesses achieve their goals through effective marketing strategies, purposeful design and development, consistent brand identity and digital solutions.

Bottom Line

Our focus is to deliver measurable objectives through marketing strategies designed to boost visibility.

We do this by taking the time to understand your business, your customers and your competitors. Our goal is to understand your business environment, inside and out. We will find out where you want to go and create a road map ensuring you reach your destination.

We’re a boutique agency delivering power ROI. We are your creative partner.

What We Do

Brand Discovery

It all starts with a round table discussion, you know the one where the team tosses nerf basketballs in the hoop. This “think tank” session is held with key decision makers and is designed to determine the state of your current brand vs what you want it to be. The purpose is not only to learn about one another but ultimately agree on the company’s business vision and commit to the long-term branding process.

Brand Identity

A successful brand is more than a great logo, it’s a series of distinctions designed to convey meaning, making it easier for the consumer both inside and outside the organization to understand the brand’s core purpose. We integrate brand strategy and brand identity to express the brand experience, bringing it to life.

Brand Activation

What is brand activation you ask? You may know it as brand engagement, which is focused on building a longer term emotional connection between the brand and the customer. We create activity through events with the sole purpose of bringing your brand to life through participation.[/tab]


Our passion is to come up with the big idea by blending exceptional creative concepts that speak to the brand continuum. We understand that creative is strongest when it supports comprehensive marketing strategies. It’s all about getting noticed making the delivery process our focus.

  • • Collateral Creation
  • • Logo Design
  • • Print Advertising
  • • Web Design
  • • Web Development
  • • Video Editing
  • • Digital Media Creation
  • • Email Design
  • • Social Graphics

Marketing Strategy

A well-designed marketing strategy is the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. You have our word that we will deliver a Marketing Strategy focused on the right promotional mix guaranteed to deliver a competitive edge.

Promotions and Experiential Marketing

It’s all about creating a meaningful connection through a blend of creative ideas and strategic partnerships. We bring brand experiences to life through event activation, sponsorship marketing, media domination, social & digital platforms and more…


Consulting. Activation. Measurement. Success. DES Marketing manages the sponsorship process — from research to procurement to activation and measurement.

Creation and Optimization

At DES Marketing we understand that social media is simply a tactic that, when integrated well within the marketing plan, can yield phenomenal results. We’ll help you understand social marketing and its implications on your business, integrate it and use it to build your brand.