8 tips for Business Blogs

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8 tips for Business Blogs

The importance of a business blog can’t be understated. Blogs are channels for readers — a successful blog grows traffic, making readers know, like, and then trust your brand. But we live in an age of information overload. Readers are constantly bombarded with newsletters, promos, emails, social media updates, and more. In a saturated online market, creating content that people will actually read is more important than ever before. Creating exceptionally good, reader-focused content is possible though, and these tips will spell out how.


#1 Relevance

The most critical component of your content is making certain that it is important to your readers. Offering help or solving a problem is the best way to assure your audience that they are important. Consider gaps in the market and missing content, but also be aware of things that have been overdone. It doesn’t matter if your content is educational, inspirational, or entertaining — it has to be helpful.

#2 Headline

Writing relevant content is important, and so is attracting your reader’s attention. A successful headline (one that makes a reader want to read your content) should be specific, spelling out a benefit or arousing curiosity.

#3 Introduction

A successful headline brings a reader to your content, but a successful intro will hook them. Gaining traction with your reader in your introduction makes them keep reading. There are plenty of ways to keep your audience reading, but making a bold claim, asking a question, sharing a startling statistic, or starting a story are all proven methods. Saying something totally unexpected is another way to really grab your reader’s attention.

#4 Be Conversational

Creating relevant content that your audience wants to read is important, and so is communicating that content in a way that makes your audience feel comfortable. Using short sentences, contractions, exclamatory remarks, and even slang gives your content a conversational tone. Inject your brand’s personality into your content, and skip the industry language and jargon. Ask for questions and comments, and then tailor future content based on the responses.

#5 Be Concise

Readers have no shortage of content to choose from, so it’s important to get your point across quickly. Edit your content ruthlessly — leave anything that doesn’t further your message on the cutting room floor. This is a good time to remember your Shakespeare: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

#6 Be Reader-Focused

Your business blog is all about growing traffic, so make your content about your audience. What do they want? What are they interested in? What content appeals to them? Use the questions and comments from your audience to specifically tailor your content to your readers. Make your content accessible and easy to consume.

#7 Use Proven Content

The online market is saturated with content. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. To find out what is popular, explore some industry blogs. Then employ those content types to reach your target audience. That might mean creating a short, punchy piece, or a video tutorial. You might feature an image-heavy post, or a rant. You could even offer to teach readers a quick lesson or create a meme around your brand. There are plenty of possibilities, and this is a great opportunity to make a splash without reinventing the wheel.

#8 Make It Look Good

Incredible content is meaningless without effective presentation. Make your business blog posts look good by formatting properly, using sub-headings, employing lists with bullets or numbers, and having an easy to read font. Use images for visual punch, and negative space to make content stand out. Using hyperlinks in your text and optimizing content for mobile users will further increase accessibility.


Focus on your reader. Provide them with content that they find useful, and they will want to keep reading — an audience member who is reading is one that will know, like, and trust your brand. An effective online strategy understands that content marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Employing tactics to create content that your audience will actually want to read takes place over a long period of time, but because you’re in this for the long haul, techniques can be constantly improved and refined.

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